Thursday, December 31, 2009

Corpus continuome

Put your hands in the ashes. Feel them. Really let the tips of your fingers feel the tiny bits, the grains that the fire did not destroy, and let the questions flow from there. The little bits are the questions, left unasked, the anger left unexpressed, the love left unsaid, the wine left in a glass half......................................................

My love for all my friends, family, and life in general has never been greater. There is but one shining point that outweighs all other, that my dear brother has found the one. That all is in vain is ridiculous. That eventually, even statistically, good happens. Keep the fire burning, believe in the best, prepare for the worst, and love all that happens betwixt.

Question authority, wonder why a jew is the focal point for christians, and never back down if you really believe in your reasoning. Buddha is fat and a liar, and he laughs at that very fact.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Wouldn't you think if a guy put his name to ride he would show up for it? Where the hell were ya? You're going to let a 48 year old man and a 52 year old woman beat your asses down? Where are all the coffee shop bikers? The spandex and carbon boys? Watching the Tour de Drugs on DVD and listening to your arteries hardening? Fags.

On a high note, shoes were the topic of the night. There was this insanely hot young lass,
Hot looks, hot shoes, good vibes. And there was this,
And this,

Friday, December 25, 2009

So, if you really believe a guy could live in the belly of a fish for three days, oh wait, you say that part is not to be taken literally? Well then how do you decide what is true, and what is fable? Remember, Jesus was not a christian, he was a jew, so if you really want to follow Jesus, you need to convert to Judaism now.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rock out with your ...........

Let it end already. After the Winter solstice, let's concentrate on one thing and one thing only, SPRING! The days are getting longer, there is a warm breeze a blowin in my heart, Santa has distributed his largess to all the good little booger pickers and is in need of some serious R&R. One more person says "Merry Christmas" to me and I'm gonna say it like it is, hollow, pointless, empty, watching from the outside as all the good little christians battle it out over parking, material items, and generally loose all sense of courtesy and caring. Rumour is that 26th of December holds an alleycat. Go to the site to find out more, and February will have a hip breaker starting at your's truly's house and lapping the Myrick park area with mandatory hot food and drinks. Broken bones, bent frames and chipped teeth shall abound.

Thursday, December 10, 2009