Thursday, July 9, 2009

The face of La Crosse

has broken out in a rash of orange pimples. They appear in the road every Spring and Summer. Busy little city engineers scrape and cut and redo, and reredo, and undo the roadways until they clear up the little orange cone pimples that corral, and herd, and clog the flow of traffic. Oh, and let me just add 90 degree weather, humidity, and thunderstorms to the situation.

And here is the payoff for the biking community, pissed off drivers looking for a target for their vengeance. I got flipped off today while commuting in the bike lane on Hwy 16 by a driver stopped dead in a jam. Hardy hardy frickin har on you in your insular, air conditioned, stereo playing pod of security. Funnier still, the road crew apparently thinks the bike lane is a great storage area for their orange pimple cones at the day's end.

It's a small town, with a lot of charm. Sometimes though, the lack of a more urban mentality can really wear me down. Madison, progressive, bike friendly, great infrastructure. La Crosse, angry redneck peckerwoods that love their beer, NASCAR and TV. So I leave you with this La Crosse car folks:

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