Saturday, August 1, 2009

The grass is always greener, the snow whiter, the....

What is it about the heat and humidity of August that makes one yearn for the tranquility of December? What is it about the last week of February that makes May seem so sweet it must be ephemeral?The human condition of wanting more, never satisfied, wishing.

Along these lines, how about memories of the past? The mind tries to clean things up a bit, to heal wounds, to leave only the pleasant. Lest we fling ourselves collectively over a cliff. A girlfriend from the past contacted me and wanted to "catch up" on life since last we saw each other. I was sorely tempted, and thought initially about the good. Then I remembered the emotional pain, confusion, and self doubt she caused in me as she flew from boyfriend to boyfriend, coming back to me to roost awhile before her next flight. On reflection, the memories of that time were of a cheating, cruel girl that kept me down to keep me. Screw the past, Joan Cusack nailed it when she said "Reunions are just like High School, only everyone is older and fatter". Move forward.

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