Saturday, January 23, 2010

Republicans are heartless assholes and....

No. Really that's it. If we are to live in a world without war, deprivation and cruelty, someone has to step up and say enough of the Darwinian "my genes kick your jeans ass" and realize that as long as the world provides such intense weapons of cruelty and destruction the underprivileged and disenfranchised will always find a way to level the playing field with acts of destruction. What if, and I'm just fishing here, we spent all the money we spend on the military, wars, death, counterinsurgency, and just played nice guy for ONE year. Give it to the masses for insane things like education, medical care, food, shelter. Just get crazy with it. Blow the money on any philanthropic pursuit that would enhance, not detract from, the perception that America is a largess of bloat. A veritable bag of flatulence, now poked, and leaking foul stench everywhere. No empire lasts forever, and ours is crumbling. Maybe George "Fuck you world" Bush is fiddling as he watches it all burn.

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