Friday, February 5, 2010

Well, do you suppose they lie any less now? Not trying to foment a seditious act, by any means. OK, yes I am . Could we please elect young blood, not old broken records who only play the same old music? And being young, not the puppet of the greater old boy hierarchy ( see Harter)? New, innovative, caring, concerned about infrastructure. Taxing? No. Asking that the best give their best, the poor, give their best. The criminal, punished the most severe. It is time to flush the toilet people, and "insert god type here" willing, we can let go of all of our "insert redneck protectionist diatribe here" with an expletive deletive, and we can all....And that is why ice cream comes in so many different flavours. Good night babies, sleep tight. Some helpful government guy is knocking at my door, I'm gonna go let, oh, they already did. And so vnkfbainotttttttttttttttttdz Hello please ignore this citizens outburst. He has been dealt with and disarmed. Go about your business as usual. Thank you for your lack of attention. This blog has been shut down by governmental act 1369WTF.

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