Thursday, June 11, 2009

The passing of the storm, the flight of a dove

Went on my first Wednesday night ride in over a year last night. Turned off my cell phone, there would be no emergency. Relaxed my mind, nothing was urgent. Looked at the faces of friends, listened to their stories. Reconnected.
Had a good ride, moved at a fast pace. Felt the threading of the needle with traffic, the mojo was good. Bike was alive and the wind urged me forward. As we mashed up the Cass Street bridge towards Pettibone Park, the sun was setting behind the bluffs, low clouds. Two riders in front of me, cadence clicking as ten riders fall into unspoken rhythm towards the top. The summit reached, left shoulder protected from the onrush of traffic by steel and concrete, the right shoulder feels a presence, a voice, "our pain is over, ride and live".
In memory of my beautiful wife, friend, and riding partner Lisa Kay Selph. Born 9-26-62, relieved of her pain on Tuesday 6-09-09 at 8:42am. Her last ride, 2 years ago, after 8 years of fighting the cancer. Still smiling and strong. My girl.

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