Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The good in La Crosse

So I'm coming home from work, a little early, and here is Momma herding her flock home. I rolled past and then had the thought. You know, the nagging thought that you just went pass something that mattered, and you should stop and take it in. So I did.
I watched as the crossing guard blew his whistle, and the Mother checked both ways even so. The children filed out onto the crosswalk, one child always managing to be behind everyone. Mom looks back, child goes forward. They are almost across the walk when the first car in line starts honking. Cigarette in hand, radio blaring overly produced Nashville detritus, bad dye job hair head older woman glaring angrily and gritting her teeth in tense anger. Mad because some toddler is taking too long. Hope she gets a blood disease and dies. Whatta bitch. As soon as the crossing guard drops the sign, she roars off in the car, screeching tires and muttering curses. The crossing guard got a look on his face that made me wonder what the look was all about. I asked. He told me that the lady comes by every day, always in a hurry, always foul and ill tempered.
So there before me was this cool little play on life, spirituality, and wisdom. The mother, always protecting and guiding. Cool headed and patient. Buddha, protecting from afar, watching without comment. There for the same repeat of events every school day, watching growth and learning by some, and blind self concern by others. Is it better to see life as a landscape or a macro? Or do you carry a few lenses with you? KV for the day "Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand."

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