Saturday, May 30, 2009

That's Mr. 530 to you....

May 30th, 1961. I remember hanging upside down, covered in blood. I was scared, cold, angry. A large man dressed in white and covering his face was beating me on my ass. I let out a scream. He quit hitting me. Knives, scissors. Passed to a woman. Something shoved in my nose. WTF! The horror, the horror.
My father predicted I would be born on May 30th. At that time in Texas, you could request only numbers as personalized on license plates. So, 530. The plate arrived as MR-530. A boy perhaps? Kinda cool. Pictured next to the plate is my favorite buddy from years long past. His name is Tom.
Friends and relatives are throwing a party, my brother Russ is coming in from San Francisco. A lot of love and friendship for today. It's all very cool. I am a lucky human being. Health, friends, employment, Obama, there is but one thing not right in the world today.
I promised myself I would never mention this in my blog, but I feel I must. My lovely wife, my friend, my partner and my foil, has been fighting cancer for ten years now. We are both very tired. She is trying so hard today to be energetic, and positive. The pain she endures on a daily basis is staggering. It sickens me to watch her struggle. And yet it fills me with pride to see the sharp edge still in her beautiful eyes. On this day, do this for me, go to the one you love and hold them. Take one short moment to take them in, and appreciate the fragility and immediacy of the life we are given.
And look out for old people who drive. Scary shit.

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