Sunday, May 24, 2009

Live and learn, forget, relearn, repeat.

So the tires Kevin set me up with were the Schwalbe 2.3" Fat Franks. Touted as low rolling resistance, high shock absorbtion, puncture and pinch flat resistant. OK. I compared them to a set of WTB Allterrainasuaras tires at 1.95, and smaller OD. Guess which tires gave the best performance as per rolling resistance? Fat Frank, by a landslide. Just goes to show you that if your LBS main man says "Go with these, you'll be happier.", it is then your responsibility to shut up and listen.
The decision to go with a 20" frame over 22" has proven to be a good one. The only concession has been the use of a 130mm stem to provide the reach necessary for using Nitto North Road bars flipped. I wish someone would create a bar that has the forward reach of a mustache bar, and the rear extension of either the North Roads, or Albatross bar. Market penetration would be like, maybe .01%. Well worth the tool and die effort.
Memorial day is upon us, ride safe, grill twice, have a cool beverage.

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