Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet Monday

Well there it goes. Monday has reared it's ugly head, run past me, and is now on the way out the door. Morning bike commute started with a fat sheriff cutting me off at Hwy B as he rolled past the stop, and at the last second looked up to see me mouthing the word "What the @$#%?" at him. He looked at me as though he found annoyance with the inconvienience of not running me over, waved me ever so graciously out into traffic to make it around him, and then roared off. Couldn't even back up to let me onto the crosswalk and bike lane. Protect and serve my ass. Another two year degree redneck rascist prick with a gun no doubt.

A heads up for anyone using the upper road (Hwy 16) from La Crosse to Onalaska. Seems the college kids must have had a bottle throwing fit along the bike path. Lots of broken glass. Great for new tire sales, bad for being to work on time. Check out DC for some scary stats on bike fatalities - Makes me feel bony all over.

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