Thursday, May 21, 2009

Quote of the diem

"The only difference between a rut and a grave is dimensions" - Anon

Well thats not very deep. Bicycles rooted in practicality and useful design fascinate me more than the current fixed gear trend. Load carrying capacity and daily transport are becoming the most important factors to my biking endeavors. I have circled the flame of the Surly Big Dummy for quite awhile, and decided to make the move. Kevin at Blue Heron Bikes did the build.
Yesterday I went from La Crosse to Onalaska, visited the LBS (Blue Heron) and on the way home failed to turn right. With a smile on my face, and full water bottles I headed for Sparta, 23 miles away. 83 degrees, sunny, breezy, no rain forecast. The bike was smooth as butter. Predictable handling, long wheelbase, and well tuned, the miles ticked away unnoticed. The only "sore point" was my taint, which was being beaten into submission by a new Brooks B-17 saddle. Half way to Sparta the saddle and my nether region came to an agreement, and the rest of the ride was pleasurable and peaceful.

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